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For questions about FRR (Fast ReRoute), where it is a MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and IP resiliency technology to provide fast traffic recovery upon link or router failures for mission critical services.

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OSPF Fast-Reroute Question

I came across this excerpt from the Cisco documentation: "Not all routes can have repair paths. Multipath primary routes might have repair paths for all, some, or no primary paths, depending on ...
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What is the difference between LFA and FRR?

I have troubles in understanding what is the difference between these two technologies in MPLS networks. Assuring backup path Are they used for the same thing? Or maybe FRR uses LFA for calculating ...
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Cisco IOS: Can I have MPLS-TE tunnels use FRR when using dynamic paths?

How can I configured MPLS-TE FRR on IOS using tunnels with dynamic paths (Is this even possible, I think it might be IOS-XR only)? In this topology I have a full mesh of MPLE-TE tunnels configured. ...
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