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Why do PON technologies use time-division multiplex instead of merging beams of different colors (WDM)?

In PON technologies a downstream flow is split among endusers using passive optical splitters (I suppose it's some kind of prism), but for a upstream the Time-Division Multiple Access method is used. ...
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Lumen(Centurylink) Quantum Fiber on SRX320 with DHCP over IPoE

Been trying to configure Lumen's(Centurylink) Quantum Fiber service to work on a Juniper SRX320 using DHCP with IPoE. Haven't been able to successfully pull a DHCP IP address yet. Here's the ...
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How to pull text output from network devices (show commands) and pass the data to SNMP?

I work at a small ISP and we have a 3rd party monitoring tool called Logicmonitor that pulls SNMP data from our networking equipment. We currently utilize Calix and Ubiquiti equipment, but neither ...
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ONT-Less GPON wth Cisco ISR

i am trying to find out if it is possible to run a Cisco ISR (1000/4000) router directly and without ONT on a GPON port. To my knowledge there is no NIM module for an ISR4000 for this. Does anyone ...
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