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Questions tagged [http-proxy]

For questions about HTTP Proxy in relation to network devices. For instance, you want to redirect traffic to your web proxy and need help with configuration. Only use this tag in relation to on topic network devices.

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Do two L4 ports perform better than one port?

I have a micro-service HTTP backend, which used Nginx as gateway. I have two domain names for clients: and client ---> Nginx ---> backend Now, I must decide which ...
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Why do we need L7 reverse proxy for increasing the limit of max TCP connection to the backend?

I stumbled upon a YT video which explains that there's technically no limit to the number of connections that can be opened between the clients and servers even if there's a reverse proxy between them....
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I can no longer access my Dell EMC N1124T-on through its GUI interface

We configured and set up our Dell EMC with a Putty interface first and went through the Set up wizard and gave it a static IP. Then joined it to our network and Deployed it into our IDF. Accessed it ...
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Holding session option in Fortiweb

I have Frotiweb installed as my WAF and it is connected to FrotiSandbox for behavioral detection. In the WAF' File Security Policy, I have the "Hold Session While Scanning" turned off and &...
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Do using proxies and surfing the internet create multiple headers in the packet? [closed]

Apologies for these silly questions. As I am new to networking. For example, If I configured my browser to use proxy of IP address: a.b.c.d and my IP address: e.f.g.h. And I visit What ...
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A VPN that could search, filter & block website [closed]

I want to block a large number of websites (like thousands to millions) from the MacBook and iPhones and my initial solution was using /etc/hosts file to block websites in the MacBook and using Mobile ...
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Does HTTP proxy sends its own TCP packets or bypasses clients packets?

Need help to understand what's happening on TCP level when http proxy is used. When client wants to open a website through a proxy, first connection is established between client and proxy. Then ...
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Why are proxies implemented on the application level of the OSI model?

Why are all proxy servers implemented on the application level of the OSI model, and not the network level? Is it possible to implement a proxy server on the network level? Such as on the gateway ...
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Is it possible to make a TCP connection connect back to the destination port? [closed]

I'm new in this forum, I thought I could ask a question here. I've set up a proxy by using nginx and Openresty, which supports LUA scripts, that changes the body of a HTTP SOAP POST request. The ...
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Redirecting remote-access VPN traffic to BlueCoat web proxy

We'd like to get away from split-tunneling on our remote-access VPNs. The problem I am having is once I turn off split-tunneling, internet bound traffic hairpins on the outside interface without ...
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2 answers

Transparent proxy (wccp and squid)

I am trying to solve problem about configuration of transparent proxy server. I don't have any configuration on devices, I have not started yet. Because of preparing and studying that topic. I am ...
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How do we protect our open guest wireless?

We have a Cisco WLC and we want an open SSID for guests. We have a sign in form so they see our terms but this isn't a real liability protection. How can we block illegal activities on the open ...
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Block usage of proxy server

I am network administrator in a small company. Until recently i used the Cisco ASA to prevent the employees from surfing facebook, youtube... But now they are using proxy server to overcome this. Any ...
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