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For questions about the Internet Control Message protocol.

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Traceroute - every packet has TTL == 1

I'm working on Wireshark lab-IP in Computer networking - A top down approach and I don't understand why every packet that normally expired has a TTL of 1. Here is my Wireshark capture file. https://...
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Confusion about MTU

I am studying about IP fragmentation and MTU. What I know is MTU is the property of Physical medium, as in the amount of data it can process without having to fragment the data. The default MTU on ...'s user avatar
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Why is the ICMP protocol considered to run at layer 3 on the Wikipedia page?

Why is the ICMP protocol considered to run at layer 3 on the Wikipedia page (same layer as IP) when the ICMP protocol data is a payload of the IP packet? This is the article on Wikipedia that states ...
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Why can I ping IP addresses from to

I thought that the loopback IP address of my machine is I do not understand why am I able to ping IP addresses until
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Does a router send frames or packets?

Perhaps it's a novice question, but does a router send/receive frames? When I read about this subject, it seems that routers decapsulate the frame on arrival, and encapsulate the packet in a frame in ...
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Decrease the Router's buffer size

Through this topology, I want to decrease the buffer size of R2 in order to generate an ICMP Source Quench Message, but I have no idea how to do it. I'm open to other suggestions to generate a Source ...
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Traceroute Over TCP vs UDP

For what purpose would one wish to send traceroute over TCP rather than UDP? What advantages/disadvantages are there in doing so? I know that traceroute normally uses UDP ICMP "echo" packets while ...
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Pinging broadcast address [closed]

I am using Linux. I read somewhere on the internet that pinging the address will ping everyone in the network segment. And it will return every IP addresses in that subnet. But when I ...
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What would happen to Ping if two PCs have same IP address with same Subnet Mask on same network?

If there are two PCs with same IP address on a LAN, what would happen if I ping that IP address from another PC on the same network and why?
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Telnet - "Destination unreachable" response

I'm looking to implement, what I feel, is Telnet security when it comes to unwanted hosts initiating a Telnet connection to one of my devices. I can lock down a specific subnet or only allow a range ...
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How to prioritize ICMP time exceeded packets

According to why ICMP Time Exceeded packet takes longer ICMP Echo Reply, it is normal for ICMP time exceeded be treated as low priority and slowed down or even discarded. I'm observing this problem ...
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why ICMP Time Exceeded packet takes longer ICMP Echo Reply

I've noticed that when I use tracert a certain router(hop) always takes about 200ms to reply back, the rest reply's in 50ms, after digging into it with wireshark I've noticed that tracert uses normal ...
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