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For questions about the Internet Control Message protocol.

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Point to Point ICMP Ping Loss between Juniper MX routers

I am facing problem with regard to 1 x 10G link (which is actually configured as an aggregated Ethernet (ae) i.e ae link contains only single 10G link. This ae link is connected between 2 x Juniper ...
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Change source and destination adresses from a valid captured ping to create a valid ping with different source and destination

I want to create traffic in my network, especially I want to send a repetitive ping to the device with the IP from my traffic generator (IP (see scematic) For the creation ...
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Cannot ping interface although in same subnet? Why? Debug ip packet gives encapsulation error

I have the following setup: From Laptop Mgmt2 (bottom right) I want to ping Se/0/0/0 on R1. I can only ping S0/0/0 on ISP router, which is in the same subnet. If I enable debug ip packet on isp router ...
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What is making switch CPU so busy that it's unable to respond with ICMP errors?

According to How to prioritize ICMP time exceeded packets my switch is dropping ICMP error replies because the CPU is apparently too busy. It is a PowerConnect 7048 and it dropping anywhere between 5% ...
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Ping reply is slow after applying inbound ACL

I applied inbound ACL to block ping request from host IP to host IP. The effect after that is ping reply from unblocked IP on the interface that has been applied the inbound ACL is slow/loss. Any ...
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