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For questions about Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP); IEEE 802.1AX.

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Set promiscuous port for upstream LACP trunk on Cisco 2960X

I have a series of clients who are looking into a intra-VLAN isolation scheme to satisfy a DDQ request. I was looking into deploying private VLANs for all client device / voice VLANs to satisfy this ...
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Cisco Nexus vPC Portchannel issues

I'm currently facing a network issue between Cisco Nexus 93108 (9.3.11) on an LACP port-channel configuration. The replica below help us to reproduce the issue we had (using 4x Nexus 9000v qcow2 image ...
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Wifi 802.11ac dynamic channel width negotiation

Let's assume that AP1 is on channel 40 width 80mhz, AP2 is on channel 48 width 80mhz, It overlaps. As far as i understand 802.11ac has a functionality which detects width utilization per-frame and ...
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HP 6120XG switch LACP is blocked - error condition

Folks, I am dealing with very strange issue related LACP and not sure if its bug of 6120XG switch or something else. so let me explain my issue here. Network Diagram: I have two Cisco Nexus 9396PX ...
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