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Why does IKEv2 forbid dynamic address updates for hosts behind NAT?

In RFC7296, Section 2.23 it is written: There are cases where a NAT box decides to remove mappings that are still alive (for example, the keepalive interval is too long, or the NAT box is rebooted). ....
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IPSec IKEv2 on pfSense: "parsed INFORMATIONAL request 2 [ N(AUTH_FAILED) ]"

I am trying to setup an IPSec IKEv2 VPN Network on a pfSense. The pfsense is situated directly behind the modem. I connect to it by a static IP address. There is no double NAT. I followed this ...
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IKEv2 between Cisco router and Google cloud VPN

Hey I'm trying to create a tunnel between cisco router and google cloud vpn (client site) but the connection is stuck on stage 2 (UP-IDLE), need help where the problem may lie. Some debug that I get ...
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Cisco Flexvpn Dvti Setup not working any more if Spoke site is behind NAT

I have set up a platform (consisting of 2x ASR1001X) routers as Flexvpn DVTI hubs to terminate different remote sites (mostly ISR1000, but also older C886s) into different VRFs. The authorization ...
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