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Questions tagged [ip-range]

For questions about IP ranges in relation to networking. An IP range is a set of IPs that can be assigned to a given subnet.

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Do you know any calculatoer where can I calculate dividing of some IP address to several others? [duplicate]

I would like to divide this ip address into 1)First LAN for 10 computer 2)Reserve for 3 computers 3)Reserve for 2 computers I need to know First ip, last ip, brodcast and prefix. Do you know any ...
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Public and Private IP address range confusion [duplicate]

class A private IP range ( to class A public IP range ( to In these 2 public and private IP ranges, the private IP range is also included into the public ...
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Which ranges of IPv6 and IPv4 do requests to the local network and the host?

I'm looking for the range of IP address that is bound to the local network or the host itself. So far for IPv4 I found: - - - 192.168.255....
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Understanding IPV4 address range [duplicate]

I do have basic understanding of IP Address which is unique address for each System either in an organization or over the internet. But i want to understand what is IP address range Lets Say we have ...
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Public IP addresses on cloud platforms [closed]

My question is about cloud platforms like AWS or Azure. Whenever we create an instance (VM or VPC), AWS allocates a set of public and private IPs for that instance. Now the number of user accounts (...
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