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Iperf3 - Specify different TX/RX throughputs for a bidirectional test

Hello Dear Engineers :) I was trying to run the following test using iperf3: iperf3 --bidir -u -c -i 10 -b 60m -t 86400 Due to the current nature of the system I'm testing, the TX and ...
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Is it possible to conduct a bandwidth test using iperf between two computers located on different network? [closed]

Is it possible to check bandwidth using iperf between two computers on different networks (i.e., geographically apart)? I researched a lot, and every answer on Stack Exchange or any other website ...
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iperf3 UDP tuning

I am trying to test throughput in the network. But when i start iperf3 client for sending UDP packets it sends TCP SYN packets. Why does it behave like this? (it should not send udp tcp syn while ...
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how to send a number of TCP packets and capture only those packets using tshark?

I'm using iperf3 to send 1005 TCP packets with the commands: iperf3 -s -i 1 -f m -p 5200 -D iperf3 -c -k 1005 -bitrate 0 --reverse --omit 2 -p 5200 In server, client respectively. The ...
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iperf3 - results interpretation [closed]

Recently I've done some network testing with iperf3 (3.1.7 on Linux) and I'm confused about the results. The syntax I'm using is iperf3 -c -b 500M, both for TCP and UDP testing. My understanding is ...
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