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For questions about Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX), where it is an IETF protocol that was created based on the need for a common, universal standard of export for Internet Protocol flow information from routers, probes and other devices. See RFC 3917, 7011, 7015 and 5103.

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IPFIX vlanId element in access switchports

According to IANA definition, IPFIX elementId 58 vlanId is: Virtual LAN identifier associated with ingress interface. For dot1q vlans, see 243 dot1qVlanId. But according to RFC5102: Description: ...
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Best practices to build network flow monitoring

Recently I'm investigating the solutions for ip flow monitoring, and come across a lot of pages talking about different solutions and trade-offs between netflow, sflow, IPFIX, etc. In short, netflow/...
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Why is Wireshark unhappy with my Netflow packet sequence numbers?

I wrote a Netflow v10 (IPFIX) traffic generator. It spoofs Source IP addresses to pretend to be coming from multiple sites, and has fake users it sends reports about. The idea is very similar to ...
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Do Juniper MX-series routers support per-interface jFlow/IPFIX sampling rate?

Do Juniper MX-series routers support per-interface jFlow/IPFIX sampling? For example, input sampling rate for xe-0/0/1 is one of 100 and input sampling rate for xe-0/0/2 interface is one of 500. I ...
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OVS and IPFIX :: Why is my bridge only exporting bridge-to-collector flows? [closed]

I’m new to OVS and trying to get IPFIX working on my OVS bridge. I’m building off the great information in this previous post: How to get ipfix working with openvswitch? The good news is I have ...
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What is "cflow" in ipfix?

I am learning ipfix and found a cmd like this: tshark -r ipfix.cap -n -d udp.port==4379,cflow -O cflow What does the cflow part mean here? I was also told to filter cflow if I use Wireshark in ...
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What field tells me the bytes in IPFIX?

In netflow there are in_bytes and in_pkts fields. What are the equivalent values in IPFIX? I'm shipping IPFIX data with softflowd and I'm getting these fields: destinationIPv4Address ...
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IPFIX - consider only first n seconds of a flow

Is possible to consider via IPFIX only the first n seconds of a flow (statistics)? How to set this in OpenVSwitch if possible?
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Ipfix in openvSwitch

The sampling parameter in openvswitch to enable IPFIX what it refers to? For example, a value of 1 means what? Furthermore, as the difference there is per-bridge sampling and per-flow sampling?
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ipfix - variance of size packets in a flow

I have the need to calculate the variance of the size of the packets in a flow. So it is impossible using IPFIX? There are new alternatives to IPFIX that would allow me to calculate that value? Thanks
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Packet sizes with ipfix

It is possible, through IPFIX, take each size packet in a flow? It seems to exist only the sum of the sizes and the number of packets.
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