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For questions about Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4); as specified in RFC791.

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How can I configure a Cisco router 4300 to allow internal server ip:80 to be accessed on public ip:4500

I have an internal web server on port 80. I need help commands maybe to configure port forwarding to access the server on my private network from a public IP Current running config interface ...
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Logical-Tunnel Interface Juniper MX 480 doesn't "work"

I have configured a logical tunnel between my master-routing-instance and a additional routing-instance. I tested the same config (except IP addresses) on my lab-system and on one of our other core-...
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How to use IP pool

I am just beginner, I just want to setup my mini data center and for testing i get a FTTH connection and /30 ip pool, ISP reply is something like that, "IP Pool 103.15.xx.xx/30 has been assigned ...
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Ping to default gateway failing

I am trying to ping to a default gateway which i have configured as but somehow the ping is failing . I am new to network domain so i have less idea about it . Any help is appreciated .This ...
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Can I run 2 separate ranges on the same physical network

My current set up is 1 router and 2 switches, the router being with a connection to each switch then 8 and 10 devices on the 2 switches all 192.168.10.x I have an NVR with 2 ports, 1 of ...
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How to get all the device information between two devices

I've two devices: My-PC and Another-PC. The two devices are connected to a switch, which is connected to main switch with-in the same LAN. My question is: how do I get all the device information ...
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