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For questions about Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB). For instance, you have a router, that does not support VLANs. With IRB you can route a given protocol between routed interfaces and bridge groups.

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Vxlan with internet access - possible because of high MTU?

So i was wondering, because VXlan requeres a high mtu to work properly (some set it even as high as the max configurable MTU (9000ish)), how would providing internet access for these nodes/servers ...
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Managing a Juniper EX4300 In Band

Currently, our ex4300 are managed in band using irb.20. show configuration interfaces irb unit 20 { family inet6 { address 2001:db8:1::252/64; show configuration routing-options rib inet6.0 {...
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Cisco ISO - Are all interfaces assigned to bridges automatically?

I'm currently looking at configuring a second bridge on a cisco switch, however it appears that all interfaces are 'automatically' in the first bridging interface because they are part of Vlan1, which ...
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IRB versus VLAN usage

I am fairly new to Juniper as an engineer and I have been doing some reading lately concerning IRB versus vlans. I have noticed we use them in most configurations throughout our environment, IRB that ...
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why does bridge terminate vlan header

I'm referring to the following article, where it mentions "The MAC layer header can be maintained if the router is bridging the network layer protocol. However, regular bridging still terminates the ...
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Cisco 1841, Bridge T1 WAN to hosts with public IPs?

We currently have a Samsung router given to us by Covad. It is configured like this: PPPoFR T1 WAN (samsung router) x.x.x.49/29(public address) gateway ...
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Cisco ASA and BVI interfaces

I'm in the middle of equipment migration and the setup is somewhat similar to Mike's (Configure Cisco ASA in Transparent mode: Layer2 DMZ w/ Vlan translation) but with a difference that I need the ...
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