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Questions relating to the operations of ISPs and interacting with them.

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Who pays for traffic when it transits multiple providers

TLDR Question: Who pays for traffic when it transits multiple providers Original Question I know there are a great many sites out there with this question and answer, but as yet I have not been ...
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Problem with VPN tunel from remote location through ISP (PPTP)

I have network situation like this: ISP Router (modem) - device given to us by our ISP - modem & router in one but it is set into transparent mode - ISP say so ;D we have to find it that it is ...
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ISP edge router configuration

I need to configure Cisco 2901 router to route between interconnect block and usable ip block. Circuit is fiber 30Mb/s I got this info from ISP provider: IP space: Interconnect block -
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Clustered ASA with Dual WAN Redundancy

Let's assume there are two firewalls (ASA) clustered together and two routers (1800 and 2900) each with it's own WAN link. The two routers are managed from the same ISP (it's just link redundancy). ...
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Who assigns IP s to the ISP s?

How a particular ISP get it's IP ? Is there any centralized authority to distribute IP s ?
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Prefix hijacked by another ISP

I had the <sarcasm>privilege</sarcasm> for the second time in 10 years to have one of our smaller prefixes hijacked. I have a branch office with a /27 assigned from ISP-A PA space ...
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BGP null route when DDoS?

I need suggestion related this issue. We are getting DDoS every two days and its small DDoS last for 5 to 10 min. but sometime its longer in that case we call ISP and they null route specific targeted ...
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