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Questions tagged [knowledgebase]

For questions about or involving networking knowledge base, where it should always be in relation to on topic network devices and services.

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Why are rings not a favorite option in IT networks?

I'm an engineer in the automation field. I've been switching slowly to networking. I've started in the automation world 12 years ago. With an automation mindset, we use rings (like MRP rings) ...
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What is the difference between Solutions and Services in networking?

In the network terms we often hear about The solutions and services. I want to know what is the difference between them? and How we categorized network related functions under these two titles? Thank ...
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Improving Network Flow Documentation in 3G->4G upgrade project

I just started on an upgrade project, 3G-> 4G, with network flow documentation in PNG, BMP and Visio files (500+ flows). The HLD and LLD documents have been written however it appears from reading ...
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Documenting Knowledge [closed]

I find a lot of people, as well as companies don't document their knowledge, or, do a poor job of it. I'd like to discuss what has been found to work well and not so well when it comes to doing this ...
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