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Cisco business cbs110-8t-d lag spike [closed]

I bought this switch to have peace, no luck. I have 1 gbps fiber going into my main router. then I have an rj45 cat 6 wire that goes to my cisco 8 port switch. Then each port is used by an rj45 wire ...
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aggregating Cisco 2960 ports with Cisco 3850

I'm new to networking. I have two switches: Cisco 2960 & Cisco 3850. I want to connect 4 Trunk ports of these switches to each other. Since Cisco 2960 port speed is 1G and Cisco 3850 is 10G, I ...
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Juniper MX204 to Juniper EX4300 redundant fiber links with load balancing

I have a scenario where I have an EX4300 that needs to have redundant links to an MX204 router. My initial thought was to setup LAG with LACP, but I am wondering if this is possible or not. I couldn't ...
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How can you determine the result of a load-balancing hashing algorithm (such as ECMP/LAG) for troubleshooting?

In many architectures there are load-balancing mechanisms such as ECMP routing or LAG between various interfaces. This load-balancing is usually per-flow, based on a hash of various criteria, such as ...
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MLAG with four links active [closed]

Say you have a server with two NICs each with two 25g ports, and you have two L2 switches. Can you use MLAG to achieve four times the bandwidth with all links active at the same time? Edit: The ...
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When creating a LAG, what VLAN conditions should be satisfied?

There are two interfaces which are to be added in a LAG. The attributes which should be same are speeds and MTU values. What about physical interfaces which are in different VLANs. For example, Port 1 ...
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Can a leaf (mc-lag switch pair) connect to an uplink (spine : a single switch) using lag (not a route-only-port)?

By 'lag', I mean one port from each mc-lag peer connects to a port each on the uplink switch (consider this a single switch spine). The mc-lag is an active-active forwarding pair for L2 traffic (aruba'...
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How does Link Aggregation actually increases bandwidth? [duplicate]

For example, if we need 450 Mbps of bandwidth to transmit data and have only a 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet ports, we can create a LAG bundle containing five 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet ports. But I also read ...
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LAG links between access switch and stacked switches

When an access switch is connected to two stacked switches through two links, is it necessary to configure LAG for those two links? (Those black links in the picture below.) Or the stacking would ...
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