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For questions about Local Area Networks (LANs).

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Why is the CAM table in a switch called CAM table and not MAC table even though it holds MAC addresses?

I know the CAM table in a switch holds MAC addresses and the ports that are associated with the respective MAC addresses. There are no such thing as CAM addresses from my knowledge, so why is it ...
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Why do we need MAC Address if we can uniquely identify each machine with an IP Address

I learnt that in ARP Protocol, to send a packet from one machine to another machine we need to know the MAC Address of the destination machine but since the destination has already been assigned a ...
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Why do LANs use MAC addressing instead of IP addressing?

Why do LANs use MAC addressing instead of IP addressing? In other words, why can't a network just assign an IP address to a local area network device and send the data to that, instead of the MAC ...
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What is real difference between host and node in network

According to wikipedia host is A network host is a computer or other device connected to a computer network. A network host may offer information resources, services, and applications to users or ...
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How does a host know the ip addresses of other hosts on the same LAN?

So as the title say, how does a host know the ip addresses of other hosts on the same LAN? Is there a specific protocol for this? My first thought was that ARP could be used. But ARP seem to take an ...
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can LAN port have multiple IP addresses of same subnet mask or different subnet mask

Can the router's ethernet interface have multiple IP's of the same subnet or different subnet mask? If yes what's the use?
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IPv6 link-local vs unique local

When do you use link-local or unique local in IPv6 networks? (Cisco doesn't manage to explain it properly in their online material.)
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Speed benefits when switching LAN from 1Gb copper to Fiber Optic

We are trying calculate how will the network performance improve when we switch from 1Gb copper LAN to Fiber Optic. We have 5-20 people simultaneously working on a Server via the 1Gb LAN. There are ...
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Moving to vlans from a basic network

I've currently got a network setup like this. Layer 1 2 cable modems -> Peplink Load Balancer 1 -> for wifi and clients Layer 2 1 connection from the Peplink + Fiber -> Peplink Load ...
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What is the "technical" definition of LAN and WAN

Most of explanations on internet contend by saying "lan" is over smaller distance, while "Wan" covers wider geography. To make question more clear ? If two computers are on the same "LAN" what is it ...
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What are the minimum requirements to be on the internet?

People often define the internet as a network of networks but this is wrong. If I connected two LANs together that wouldn't nesecarilly be on or part of the internet. In class we learned about ATM, ...
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What does a LAN switch do if hosts are/are not in the same LAN?

If some host sends a frame to another one that is not in the same LAN, a the frame arrives to a LAN switch, what does it do? I believe it would broadcast it, but I'm not sure about it. And what if ...
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Packets for Internet Connection [closed]

Consider the following scenario: AP is an access point with internet connectivity and in idle state (ie: no node is connected to it) N is a node that wants to establish an internet connection ...