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Questions tagged [lancom]

For questions about devices from LANCOM Systems.

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Lancom Failover Configuration does not use LTE after following their documentation

I have tried to configure a Lancom 1900EF-5G Firewall. It is running the latest firmware (10.80.0450SU4). I want to configure SD WAN Dynamic Path Selection. I have three ISP connections. Two fiber ...
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How do (LANCOM) Tag-Based vlan groups work and on which vlan does the device respond?

I just started a new job and part of it is to manage and maintain the ICT. As the previous network/system engineer left the company i'm on my own to figure out how everything works. I have ...
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Inbound VPN connection and cascading routers: Who should act as server

I need a decision support for the configuration of incoming VPN connections. The setup consists of 2 cascaded routers. Router A (Zywall USG210) acts as front firewall and router B (Lancom EF1781) as ...
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