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Questions tagged [layer3]

For questions about the OSI layer-3 (network layer).

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Optimizing access control lists on a Cisco SG500X-48 Small Business switch

I am trying to optimize the access control list rules on a Cisco SG500X-48 Small Business switch (on Layer 3). The general aim is to regulate the traffic between two VLANs (e.g., 10 and 30) in such a ...
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Interpretation of the name of an ITU-T document

I'm reading a document that cites a standard called ITU-T SG 13 Q5 WG. I believe that SG 13 stands for Study Group 13 and Q5 refers to Question 5. However, I don't know what WG stands for. And most ...
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intervlan routing with PfSense

I Need some guidance on getting my lab networking configured. Any support is appreciated. My Lab consists of: 2 cisco switches: 2960s(access layer 2) and 3750X(ip routing/layer 3) Xenserver with ...
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network cutover for remote site from L2 to L3 over IPSec tunnel

I have been trying to cutover one of our remote sites (A) to the new ISP we have purchased. The existing setup is utilizing L2 through another remote site (B) and coming back to the main campus. The ...
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