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For questions about or involving Line cards for enterprise routers and switches.

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Turning Off SPC card on Juniper SRX5800 series Firewall

We are running SRX5800 in a cluster. Each Node has FPCs as well as SPCs installed. Due to some maintenance downtime , we were required to power off FPCs as well as SPCs on a backup node , not in a ...
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HP 5800 interface card/module installation

Is it possible to install an interface card, in this case LSW1GP16P0 to a HP 5800(JC103A) without powering off the switch? The installation guide is not very clear on that point.
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Cisco catalyst 45xx series compatibility with RG45 10Gb

I'm looking for a compatible RG45 10Gb line card with Cisco catalyst WS-C4507R+E/WS-X45-SUP7-E Unfortunately I was unable to find any useful information in data sheets. Can anyone help me? I'm really ...
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Router System Capacity Vs Packet Forwarding Capacity

When I read a spec document of Juniper Mx104 3D router, they mention 2 things. This router has 4 X 10GBE ports. 1.System capacity 80 gpbs 2.Packet forwarding capacity 55 to 60 Mpps Questions: What ...
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NIC transmission is serial or parallel

Since NIC card receives data from memory in parallel, does it perform the transmission over the link serially? if yes, how? Thank you.
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What is the difference between line cards and fabric cards in a CISCO NCS 6000?

I was reading the site preparation guide for the Cisco NCS 6000 Series routers and I saw this line: "The Cisco NCS 6000 Series Routers include the Cisco NCS 6008 Line Card Chassis (LCC) and the Cisco ...
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Replacing Line-Card - Catalyst 6509-E - Questions

I have been handed a ticket to work an RMA for a failed line card in a Cat6509-E. Not ever having worked with these devices before I had a few questions: The config that applies to the ports on the ...
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