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Is there any way to send different data packets together over wireline/wireless link? [duplicate]

I would like to know if there is a technology that allow to send many packets (of different data) together and at the same time over communication link (whether in wireline or wireless networks) of ...
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Link utilization

I have a topology below (two switches S1 and S2), each interface has two metrics (ifinutilization and ifoututilization). %ifinutilization = ( (ifinoctets * 8) * 100 ) / ifspeed %ifoututilization =...
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Tx and Rx network metrics

Rx means Receive, and Tx means Transmit. I need to know how can i calculate link utilization (Bandwidth utilization) from these metrics ?, do i need to average them or getting maximum ?
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why we need to make the size of our burst 2 times the product of bandwidth and delay? [duplicate]

A textbook which says: The bandwidth-delay product defines the number of bits that can fill the link. This measurement is important if we need to send data in bursts and wait for the acknowledgment ...
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