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For questions about Media Access Control (MAC) address which is used as the OSI layer-2 address for many OSI layer-2 protocols.

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Regarding vPC Dual Active or Split Brain scenario

Consider the below topology: Imagine that both the vPC peer keepalive link and vPC peer link have gone down. I am trying to understand how will that lead to unpredictable traffic flows or loops. ...
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Layer-2, static forwarding on a Juniper SRX?

I'm really new to Juniper, so I apologize if this is n00b question. I do, however, appreciate your guidance! Here is what I want to do: all traffic on ge0.0.0 and ge0.0.1 is to be redirected to fe0.0....
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MACsec encryption feature on Cisco NX-OSv 9000 Virtual Software? The above link only stated some examples of features which ...
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How to block unknown MAC addresses in OpnSense

I'm dealing with an OPNSense router, at the moment I already configured the DHCP server to provide IPv4 addresses only to a legitimate list of fixed MAC addresses and I want to block every unknown MAC,...
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Get RSSI and Mac origin on a mesh network for probe request

I'm working on a project of indoor localization based on wifi. I believe we can get the RSSI and the MAC address from the frame header, however i would like to know if there is a way to get this infos ...
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What allows Pulse Secure to prefix MAC Addresses used for DHCP proxying with 55:4E?

I've been looking at traffic logs generated by a Pulse Secure appliance (formerly Juniper Pulse Secure) and have noticed that when the appliance generates a MAC Address it prefixes that address with ...
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How to get all the device information between two devices

I've two devices: My-PC and Another-PC. The two devices are connected to a switch, which is connected to main switch with-in the same LAN. My question is: how do I get all the device information ...
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