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Can i plug stuff into an easy mesh satellite LAN port and use it? [closed]

Easy Mesh satellite devices (the ones that connect to a central router to the internet of my ISP) usually have WAN and LAN ports. If I connect, let's say, a raspberry PI to an Easy Mesh Satellite ...
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About improving network setup [closed]

I have the network setup in my home, as show in fig1, for the last four years. Here the Deco x60#1 works as a wireless router that sets all parameters for both wifi and wired networks: ip intervals, ...
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how ieee 802.11s does channel switching? is it supported?

I'm studying about IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh networks every where on documents i read is pointed that all Mesh Point must be on same channel for discovery and peering. But i can't find anything about ...
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What determines if a Juniper router is a route reflector client?

When I read bgp router reflector document: You see the topology is this: You see the Router A B C are in one cluster, D E are not clients of it. but how to configure to become this? I compared with ...
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802.11s versus IBSS mesh (with layer 3 routing protocol)

I just learned that you can create a Wi-Fi mesh network either with the "native Wi-Fi mesh standard" 802.11s, or by putting all devices of the network in the IBSS mode and run a layer-3 mesh ...
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Mesh network 802.11s vs adhoc

What is the difference between 802.11s and adhoc? Is it compulsory to have same channel for wireless mesh node or it can have created using different channels where neighbouring nodes on on 2 non ...
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What's the relation between IEEE 802.11s Mesh and the Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh?

We know there's the the IEEE 802.11s mesh amendment that operates on the L2 MAC layer There's also the Wi-Fi Alliance's "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™" thingy for bringing mesh interpretability ...
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Does each node in a Wi-Fi mesh system broadcast its own separate SSID?

From previous experience of both setting up and managing Wi-Fi extenders, my understanding from carrying out scans of the 2.4/5GHz bands is that each extender broadcasts its own SSID - however, I'm ...
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wireless network with seamless roaming with APs from different vendors

I've been reading about seamless roaming and IEEE 802.11k/v/r standards, but from a practical point of view it is not clear to me. I want to deploy a set of access points, all connected between ...
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802.11s Operations

I am in the process of specifying a set of upgrades to allow 802.11ax roaming in a campus consisting of several large warehouses. Right now, the network consists of 802.11g access points with very ...
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Add access point to wireless network [closed]

I've got an existing wireless network with two access points on it: A TP-Link Archer C2600 on 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n mixed) and 5GHz (802.11a/n/ac mixed), with WPA/WPA2-Personal security; A UniFi AP-AC-...
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Is mesh possible on fully wired AP-AP communication?

I am thinking on the implementation of a Wifi mesh, with the restriction that all AP-AP communication, including routing/bridging, should happen on ethernet. The reasons, why the lack of radio-based ...
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