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Questions tagged [metro-ethernet]

For questions about Metro Ethernet, where a metropolitan-area Ethernet, Ethernet MAN, or metro Ethernet network is a metropolitan area network (MAN) that is based on Ethernet standards. For instance, you are troubleshooting throughput problems from your data center through your metro Ethernet to end users.

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l2circuit-control-passthrough on Juniper MX Boxes

I need to do some Y.1564 Measurements between 2 Cisco Boxes that are connected by a L2 Martini Circuit on a Juniper MPLS Fabric based on MX480s and MX204s. I think the default behavior of Juniper is ...
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Juniper MX L2 policer over-policing small frames

Our network is currently going through a certification, and we're seeing some odd issues with the policer. We have 2 MX240 routers set up with MPLS/RSVP/IS-IS with a Martini-Draft l2circuit configured ...
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How is the Metro Ethernet Forum's "hairpin switching" implemented?

To date, I've found this old document describing implementation of hairpin switching. In particular, page 13 suggests possible implementations. I would like to know what implementations exist. A ...
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Why do all leaf nodes in an E-Tree service belong in the same subnet?

I'm studying the CCNA R&S at the moment and I'm a bit confused about why E-Tree services require all leaf nodes to belong in the same subnet, despite the leaves only being able to send layer 2 ...
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Why Ethernet was chosen to be the primary protocol + why carrier ethernet was created?

I'm currently trying to investigate the extra benefit that Ethernet has to offer for the internet today. As far as i investigated & know, Ethernet gives us a new hardware, cables and functionality ...
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Carrier Ethernet

On my courses slide there is a chapter about this concept. I thought it was some sort of idea about replacing legacy and non-flexible technologies as SONET and so on in favor of Ethernet family ...
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Vlan translation and Swapping

Heey, all As an ISP provider, We are trying to connect Multiple customer sites via our Mpls core. our plan to give each customer site a different vlan ( c-vlan) and then translated to S-vlan to ...
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3 votes
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Frame tag decision based on switch port TPID (EtherType)

I'm working on developing the ingress logic of a software switch and have a doubt. So here's my understanding. When a frame ingresses a switch, its 13th and 14th byte are checked against standard 802....
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Metro Ethernet no layer 3 connectivity

We're working with a metro ethernet provider to bring up a new multi-point connection between our sites. Currently we're just trying to get it working with two sites. As a simple test I've plugged in ...
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Can I do an RFC2544 test with a JDSU SmartClass Ethernet and a C1921? [closed]

I need to do RFC2544 tests of about 70 links, in different locations, before July ends and I only have about 11 JDSUs, so for some of this tests I won't have 2 JDSU available where I need them. Is it ...
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2 answers

SVI on ME-3600 Going Down No Apparent Reason

We have a ME-3600 we're seeing a strange issue with. The device has an SVI which is used within a full-mesh metro ethernet network. The SVI is used for management and is also the peering source for ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Carrier Ethernet, difference between ESP and EVC

Does anyone know the difference between an ESP (Ethernet switching path) and an EVC (Ethernet virtual connection)? Best regards, Michelot
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14 votes
1 answer

Troubleshooting low Metro Ethernet TCP throughput

Background We rented a few layer 2 leased lines, i.e. you have one big pipe at the datacenter and the remote sites have smaller pipes. Inside the layer 2 network you can do whatever you like. Probably ...
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Unidirectional Packet Loss

Recently after upgrading several MetroE circuits (L2 connectivity) from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, I noticed that large file transfers fail between some sites; however, the transfer only fails in direction. ...
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5 votes
1 answer

What happens when you stop receiving BPDUs with no L1 loss?

We have a redundant path for some of our communications through a.) a Metro-E provider and b.) two routers forming an L2TPV3 tunnel. We have Cisco 2960 switches at both ends running RSTP to prevent ...
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IPSec/GRE over Metro-E traffic question

I am trying to run IPSec GRE over a MetroE circuit: ROUTER---------metroe----------ROUTER The routers are set up to route all traffic over the ipsec tunnel; however, when I check the routers I see ...
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8 votes
2 answers

VLAN load sharing on Metro-E links between two Juniper EX 4200

We have Juniper EX 4200 as core switch at two sites connected Cisco 2960s and Cisco 3560s (access layer switches). For even-numbered VLANs, one Juniper switch is root bridge and for odd-numbered ...
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8 votes
2 answers

carrier's vlan tags overlap my own

I have a 3 site network: one is a data center colo and the other two are offices. The new Metro Ethernet service we just installed requires the colo site's traffic destined to the offices to be in ...
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Does it make sense to deploy OSPF across Metro Ethernet?

When I need to connect a number of branch sites to one another for a customer, I typically recommend an MPLS VPN through a trusted carrier. The CE at each site speaks BGP with its upstream PE and each ...
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