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Questions tagged [mpls-te]

For questions about Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering software, which enables an MPLS backbone to replicate and expand upon the traffic engineering capabilities of Layer 2 ATM and Frame Relay networks.

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0 votes
1 answer

why SR LSP no tunnel interface? but SR TE need it?

I'm a bit confused that why SR LSP(or LDP LSP) no need to config a tunnel interface, but SR TE(or MPLS TE) need it. how the tunnel interface works?
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What are LDP-MPLS advantages?

An LDP-MPLS is deployed on a network and labels are used for packet forwarding. As you may know, LDP needs IGP and there is IGP too. Because there is no RSVP, there is no traffic engineering and there ...
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What is the exact difference between MPLS tunnel and LSP Path?

According to my knowledge, Tunnel - Path between Ingress and Egress Routers.Used for Traffic Engineering (Band-width assigned) LSP Path - Path between Ingress and Egress Routers.Used for MPLS.
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Ways to route traffic via MPLS TE tunnels

As far as I know, in L3VPNs which are implemented on top of MPLS-TE - traffic is routed automatically via the tunnel, since the route's NH information is learned via MP-BGP and this NH is also the ...
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Problem configuring L3VPN with MPLS, RSVP-TE, VLAN

We are having problems to configure a L3VPN in VIRL with an MPLS CORE NETWORK that uses RSVP-TE as label exchange protocol and IS-IS as IGP protocol. The idea is to distinguish different type of ...
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MPLS traffic engineering

While studying MPLS I couldn't understand it's one basic functionality. Mpls creates tunnel interfaces or pseudowires between label edge routers. To achieve traffic engineering I can set different ...
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MPLS-TE backup LSP protection behavior

I'm trying to learn more about MPLS-TE, specifically how packets are routed once the TE LSP is set up. Most of the examples I could find that include the MPLS label stack shown are examples for Fast ...
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Cisco IOS: Can I have MPLS-TE tunnels use FRR when using dynamic paths?

How can I configured MPLS-TE FRR on IOS using tunnels with dynamic paths (Is this even possible, I think it might be IOS-XR only)? In this topology I have a full mesh of MPLE-TE tunnels configured. ...
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