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For questions about Network Address Translation (NAT), a method of modifying network address information in IPv4 packet headers.

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PAT and Static NAT not working together?

The HQ network is using PAT to gain access to the internet, the internal webserver needs to be accessed from the internet using static NAT. Configs: S_HQ ! interface FastEthernet0/1 switchport ...
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Cisco 871, NAT, port formwarding and VOIP configuration - phone speaker buzz

I'm new to all Cisco stuff and I need to configure nettalk VOIP. I have Cisco 871 device with two ISP - one via PPP (public IP 666.666.666.666) and one via eth (public IP 999.999.999.999). Main ISP ...
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Static NAT and PAT

I have two private IP addresses, want to make them NAT to public IP address. WAY 1 : Static NAT (2 ip addresses NATted to one by manually) WAY 2 : PAT (Router gives port number ...
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Cisco ASA static nat one-to-many from interface address to object-group

Syntactically, the following set of statements is valid (at least as of 8.3): interface Ethernet0/0 nameif OUTSIDE ip address interface Ethernet0/1 nameif INSIDE ip ...
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Nat ACL Question?

I am so confused with fundamentals that I used to be an expert in, so I have this topology Please answer to my questions separately, Question 1) So if I have two DNS severs, and ofc two IP address(81....
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Router as PPPOE concentrator, PPPOE clients unable to get to DMZed static NAT server

I've been trying to figure out this problem, and I'm just not up to the task. I have a Cisco 2911 router as follows: Internet connection on GigabitEthernet0/1. Which has it's own static IP: A.B.C.38/...
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NAT takes me to a wrong place

We have a 5555-x with multiple interfaces. Our Outside interface and DMZ interfaces have routable IP addresses and DMZ subnet is routed via IP address of the outside interface. Stripped for ...
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How to force route for MIP in screenos, multiple ISP untrust

Scenairo: SSG140 in HA configuration. Four interfaces: LAN (trust) eth0/0 ISP1 (untrust) eth0/1 ISP2 (untrust) eth0/2 ISP3 (untrust) eth0/3 ...
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Full Cone NAT on Cisco router in Packet Tracer

I am trying to create a network with two subnetworks with private IPs. I need to configure symmetric NAT on edge routers within the subnetwork. Diagram: I need to configure NAT on Router0 and Router2....
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Configure nat on src ip to dst port

I wondering about some workaround for issue that I have: I have 2 sources which generates multicast to and port 12345. I'd like to configure on my Cisco IE 3000 NAT which will change the ...
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Cisco L2TP Tunnel and NAT

I have problems with NAT clients connected to an AP . This AP has an L2TP tunnel established to a Cisco router (7206VXR). The session is UP and the router can ping the IP of the client. The client ...
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VPN tunnel with duplicate subnets

I have been tasked to setup a VPN tunnel with an external party's network, but I hit a bit of snag. I am currently running a Cisco ASA 5510 with private subnets of on the "inside" network....
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Access Extern IP behind NAT

I have found many articles, possible solutions to this topic, but no one seems to have the same problem as me. I am working on a Cisco 1812 Router with IOS 12.4. I have found some things like ...
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Network translation and port forwarding causing host to timeout

I'm trying to setup a small network, consisting of 3 routers and switches, and one L3 Switch: I have activated PAT on both router R1 and R2, to translate from the private IP addresses to the public ...
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NAT is not working because of ACL and CLI command unavailable

I have configured ACL for NAT and PFR purpose. ios c1841-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M4.bin ip access-list extended PFR permit ip any log route-map isp2 permit 10 match ip ...
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MPLS L3 VPNs and F5 Route Domains

I realize the F5 community might be the right place for this question, but this concerns routing design as opposed to an ADC design. We are planning to use F5's CGNAT module for NAT'ing our campus ...
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Communication between hosts on different local networks

I understand how NAT works in case of communication between one, local host and a server with specific public IP address. The host is sending a request, it pushes the packet with destination IP ...
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Pfsense NAT with site-to-site VPN

For a client I am building a network solution that enables them expanding their available online presence. I am running into a problem with port forwarding to an IP which is routed over an OpenVPN L3 ...
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How to allow cisco to log on to a specific ip port using nat

Good afternoon, I use Cisco 7201 I create a network on the gi0/0 interface connecting to a dhcp provider and get a static ip address, also on the gi0/1 interface I create a network where my 5 servers ...
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How to NAT a unicast address to a broadcast address?

I have a 800-Series router connected in the following configuration: Port GigabitEthernet7 is connected to an external server ( that sends unicast UDP to destinations and ...
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Configure port forwarding with interface command within VRF

We are working with VRFs and having a look into the NVI NAT configuration. Without VRFs, we can configure following: ip nat source static tcp 80 interface Dialer1 80 ip nat source static tcp ...
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Cisco NAT - Overload PAT and Static nat from one inside to two outside interfaces

i have following setup Cisco ISR4k Router with one inside LAN interface and two outside Interfaces. ---- WAN1 (NAT outside) LAN (NAT inside) -- ISR4k | ...
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Destination NAT on Cisco ISR

I know how to perform regular overload PAT in my lab running sh ver Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.03.09 Cisco IOS Software [Denali], ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 16.3.9, ...
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CMTS (DOCSIS 3.0) with CGN (CGNat)

For a new project/building I am working with the CMTS model MA5633-XB10 by Huawei. The usual way is done by implementing two DHCP servers in the same VLAN, from which the CPE gets the private IP ...
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Cisco router on a stick with public ip wan (ISP)gateway

I am trying to create a router on a stick with an outside facing sub-interface with a public IP from an ISP. I have tried to configure NAT and routing but I just cant get to ping the internet. I'm ...
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Issue w/ Cisco router and failed NAT and static default route

I have a cisco router that is using a VRF to support a site to site VPN tunnel. I have added a second network to the router for non-VPN standard internet use. My problem is that my default static ...
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NAT overload and access to web resources

I have really bizarre problem in clients network. Clients have access to the internet via NAPT - I'm using several public ip addreses for this purpose. (I'll change ip addresses for obv reasons) ip ...
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Simultaneous dynamic and static NAT not working

Cisco 4200 series running IOS XE with a single public IP address and dynamic NAT, which works just fine. I am trying to add Static NAT to access a server (map external port XX to internal port YY. ...
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