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For question about the NetFlow protocol.

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Do Juniper MX-series routers support per-interface jFlow/IPFIX sampling rate?

Do Juniper MX-series routers support per-interface jFlow/IPFIX sampling? For example, input sampling rate for xe-0/0/1 is one of 100 and input sampling rate for xe-0/0/2 interface is one of 500. I ...
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NDE for QoS Flows on SUP720-3C?

I've setup per user Layer 2 policing on a pair of Cat6k with SUP720-3C to rate-limit wireless guest users. This is working fine and the flow table is populated as expected (with L2 QoS flows). Now my ...
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Huawei: Configuring netstream

I'm trying to configure NETSTREAM, but I'm a little confused. Following this tutorials: Configuring NetStream export and Huawei: NetStream Configuration. I'm configuring netstream on Huawei Ne20e ...
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netflow v5 config not working - Juniper VMX

I use GNS3 and juniper vmx to practice netflow config. I know that v9 needs MPC card, so i use v5. But no netflow export from my router. show services accounting flow comes nothing Do I miss any ...
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read traffic/bandwidth usage by protocol

I need to analyze the traffic of a Fortigate Firewall in my program. Currently, I can read the overall traffic using SNMP. The problem is that I need to analyze the type of traffic (HTTP, video ...
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How to configure the jflow correctly in my juniper router?

I configured the jFlow sampling in Juniper MX480: but in my receive data server, there is no data received: and when I use Paessler Netflow Tester test it, there cannot use Whether ...
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Cisco C3750 and PRTG netfllow

I have a core switch (backbone) of our network that broadcasts all the vlans to other switches. I am trying to configure netflow on the switch and link it up to a Netflow sensor on PRTG. I followed ...
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Unable to get NetFlow flow in Cisco CSR1000v on AWS

I'm trying to use NetFlow Traffic Analyzer of SolarWinds or any NetFlow Monitor in my Cisco CSR1000v routers which are deployed on AWS. I am unable to see any NetFlow flows in the NetFlow Traffic ...
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