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One of the three layers of network design. The main characteristics of the network access layer is that it provides the access point for devices connecting to the network at a reduced "cost-per-port".

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Static NAT and PAT

I have two private IP addresses, want to make them NAT to public IP address. WAY 1 : Static NAT (2 ip addresses NATted to one by manually) WAY 2 : PAT (Router gives port number ...
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Network segmentation with VLAN and MAC auth: thoughts about implementation

Currently we have a medium-sized, flat network with some DHCP pools. This configuration isn't satisfying us anymore, as everyone can see everything on the network and it may leads to security issues. ...
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5G PUSCH resource allocation at gNB for multiple UEs in Random Access procedure

As specified by 3gpp specifications, the initial access process is a random access procedure. The first step is to transmit a preamble over the PRACH occasion. If the base station successfully decodes ...
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Network exposure function in 5G core network

I want to integrate Network exposure function(NEF) to another core network functions . Is their any one help me how to do that?
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Cisco ASA access-lists and net config

Here are my config to this network. I found the ASA doesn’t ping through each other. Also, when I type show crypto isakmp SA and IPSec Sa, it doesn’t show anything at all. Could you guys find what’s ...
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VLAN access list for ip-helper addresses

I am forwarding two ports of broadcast UDP data from an inside private network VLAN (VLAN 100) to two outside private networks via WAN connections on an ISR4431. The broadcast forwarding seems to ...
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802.1X MAC auth : Dell N2048 switch returns malformed EAP packet

I'm trying to set up MAC authorization with 802.1X using FreeRADIUS, a Dell N2048 (DN OS6.3.3.9) switch as the authenticator and a Ubuntu machine as the supplicant. I've followed this guide for ...
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