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One of the three layers of network design. The main characteristics of the network access layer is that it provides the access point for devices connecting to the network at a reduced "cost-per-port".

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LAN connection in school [closed]

Hi I currently working in school where we don't have LAN connection only one pc is connected to WiFi. Now I want to make a LAN Connection of 6 pc. Plz give me some guidance and which architecture is ...
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How do I disable a connection in a server when the Internet connection is lost

We are using a router to connect multiple devices. We have a server connected to the Internet that will continually ping a website to check if there is still an Internet connection. If there is no ...
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One router as WiFi receiver and AP at the same time

I know this might be stupid question, but I had troubles finding the answer on Google. I would like to extend my Wi-Fi, but I read that repeater is not really good idea due to sharing the same Wi-Fi ...
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Is Unmanaged Network Switch available with Link Up/Down?

I wanna design an hardware device (ARM Microcontroller based) to find the availability of internet connection in an ethernet cable. The scenario is, a system connected to a network through an ...
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Network goes down intermittently until I unplug the Firewall or Switch cable [closed]

We have a small office network with 50 workstations/laptops with 10 Mbits/sec Leased line. My Network goes down intermittently until I unplug the Firewall or Switch cable. However I am able to ping ...
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How many Mac adresses have a switch in output?

I would want to buy a ethernet switch. But I have a question (maybe a noob's question...) that I can't find any answer on the forums... And I hope you will be able to answer. So if I buy an ethernet ...
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Point to point LAN using two sonicwalls at seperate locations

We have a two-location business with our head quarters in Arlington, and a remote office in Dallas. Currently, both of our offices are running a sonicwall NSA 2600 and hold a VPN tunnel between each ...
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How to secure WiFi with user name and password?

We have internet access in both LAN and WLAN in our offices which is only used to internet access. How do we enable a password based authentication in this infrastructure so that authenticated user ...
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Multihomed Internet edge without BGP. Overlapping routes, a viable design?

While the industry is preaching cloud in every market, and users, whether eagerly, reluctantly or unwittingly start falling in line everywhere, few seem to talk about the actual fabric of the ...
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What is real difference between host and node in network

According to wikipedia host is A network host is a computer or other device connected to a computer network. A network host may offer information resources, services, and applications to users or ...
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