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For questions about network theories, where In general, network theory is associated with the study of graphs and represented either in symmetric relation or asymmetric relation among discrete objects. Network theory is also applied to logistic networks, gene regularity networks, metabolic networks, the World Wide Web, ecological networks, epistemological networks and social networks.

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Size of an ethernet frame carrying an arp request using ip (no options) & ethernet?

OKay so I found that this frame has size 72 bytes with no explanation and I can't seem to be able to figure out why . Ethernet payload will be : ip header + arp packet Arp packet with ip & ethrnet ...
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802.11 Protocol on Different Frequency [closed]

Wifi (and the 802.11 protocol) takes place on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. Is it possible to recreate this protocol on a different frequency (say 500Mhz) and create a functional network using a modded ...
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What does it mean to “plumb” an IP address?

Plumbing an IP address means what? What are some examples of it?
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Proof of the formula of redundancy bits in Hamming code for single error correction problem

m ---> number of data bits of a frame r ---> number of redundancy bits n=m+r ----> lenght of a codeword(data + redundancy bits) Imagine that we want to design a code with m message bits and ...
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Can two or more computers that are physically close together form a connection/network without a router? If they can, how do they do so?

So, I am pretty familiar with things when a router is used. To my knowledge, packets travel from Computer A to the router, then the router directs it to Computer B. Problem solved. I get confused when ...
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Symmetric routing and asymmetric routing plz elaborate

First of all thanks, Am pretty much confused this both term of routing read blog's and notes but still kinda confused.
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How is the term "fabric" defined in networking?

I know this is fundamental and I can find out in Google but so many people differ themselves when they talk about network "fabric". Kindly elaborate on this ?
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Broadcast link vs. point-to-point links

What is the distinction between broadcast links and point-to-point links? In the paragraph below, the author switches between "broadcast link" and "broadcast network" which is causing my ...
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Effect of physical travel on wireless connectivity [closed]

Given a stationary wireless router and a wireless device traveling from point A to B--passing directly by the router along the path--is there a speed at which the wireless device could travel to cause ...
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