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For questions about the next gateway to which packets should be forwarded along the path to their final destination. One technique to make content of a routing table smaller is called next-hop routing.

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Trouble configuring BGP policy 'next-hop self' in JunOS

Networking Community, Problem: I am struggling with applying the correct BGP “next-hop self” policies in JunOS. Background: I have been brushing up setting BGP policies, e.g. ‘direct’, ‘next-hop self’,...
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What happens if the layer 2 destination MAC address mismatches?

I was wondering, what happens if I send a packet with layer 2 destination (say 1ebf) different that what will receive it, lets say a router (mac 22ff) recieves it. Will it drop the packet? Or ...
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What are the commands to configure static routes using next-hop IP addresses?

Given the network topology above and that X in all subnets should be replaced with 1. What are the commands to configure static routes using the next-hop IP addresses on r1 and r2, given that you are ...
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Why do IP(v6) routes require a next hop IP(v6) address and not just a MAC Address?

My understanding of how you "ask" a router to route a packet for you is that you simply put the IP(v6) address of the destination host and the MAC address of the router you are routing via ...
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Routing infrastructure doubt. It is a functionally design this?

I have design the following network diagram, but I cannot figure out if it could cause some issue on the network: Some detail about the infrastructure: Network connect Ext rtr A, Int rtr B and C is ...
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F5 Policy Based Routing - how do you change next hop without any conditions?

I'm trying to change the nexthop for a virtual server in F5. I have read this article. I have tried using the this irule { nexthop internal } by itself and it doesn't work. I also have ...
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Traceroute command last hop cannot be reached

By running the traceroute command below I obtained this output: traceroute -q 3 -m 60 traceroute to (, 60 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 gateway (10.81.62....
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Can non-recursive BGP route be used to determine next-hop for recursive BGP route?

In BGP recursive scenario, the recursive route is taking an unexpected next-hop. Here is the routing table: S* [10/0] via, wan B [20/0] via, MPLS, ...
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the meaning of static routes and next hop

i configured a network topology on cisco packet tracer to learn about the static routing, as shown in figure below i spent a lot of time to ensure the connectivity between server0 and server2(cause i'...
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minimum hop limit for a packet where there are n routers between source and destination

I am having some confusion while calculating he minimum hop limit ... consider following scenario: (source)-------(R1)--------(R2)--------(destination) Now when an IP datagram is supposed to travel ...
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Difference in number of hops in Traceroute

I was experimenting with some of the network monitoring commands in cmd and I noticed that there's a significant difference in the number of hops in the output of tracert for different hosts. For ...
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Route selection in RIPv2 and RIPng (equal hop count)

How do RIPv2/RIPng select between equal routes? Randomly? For example, 2 broadcast domains, 5 routers, all running RIPv2 and RIPng. The | pipes represent a switch: R01 | R02 | R03 | ...
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Junos BGP physical Next-hop

VJX 0,1,3 are setup to be RR’s for this simple test , i want to know why link p5 is always preferred even though the physical next-hop changes , and the IGP path to the next-hop is is not via p5 ... ...
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