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Upgrade path for QFX 13.2 to 21.4

I have a Qfx5100-48s-6q box running a software version 13.2X51-D38 that needs to be upgraded to a new version – “jinstall-host-qfx-5-21.4R3-S5.17-signed”. Any advise us on the upgrade path for this ...
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Cisco: 9606R Switch Firmware update

I have updated my other Cisco 9300 switches, but am a bit confused on how to even select the right firmware for my Cisco 9606R Core. If I run sh ver it displays the following: Cisco IOS XE Software, ...
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Update IOS on Cisco CGS2520 Switch

I need to update the IOS on a Cisco CGS2520 Switch. Not stacked, single switch I have never done this before and I have a couple questions. I do not have physical access to the switch. Looking at the ...
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Upgrade path for NEXUS 5672UP

It's the first Nexus family switch im going to upgrade. Currently I've this type of model: Mod Ports Module-Type Model Status --- ----- ----------------------------------- ---------------------- ------...
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