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Penultimate Hop Popping. Use this tag for issues centered on Penultimate-Hop-Popping in an MPLS network. Do not merely tag a question with PHP because MPLS is involved. Programming questions about the (unrelated) PHP language are off-topic but might be asked on Stack Overflow.

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Are mpls tunnels the only option for reachable L3vpn next-hop?

If I have the following L3vpn topology: CE --- PE1 ---- PE2 --- CE *PE1 and PE2 are directly connected. *PE1 and PE2 exchange VPNv4 routes. *If PE1 and PE2 were to exchange transport labels for ...
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extract datas from XMLs [closed]

managing information technology systems in a business environment I'm using Konika Bizhub C554 troughout it's IP adress (ie : I can read an .xml page (system_counter.xml) inspecting the ...
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New to HP Switching. Asking topology questions

I have following design: When I learn switching i started learning on cisco switches. Now We have 3 hp switches. We have to configure spanning tree between sw1,sw2 and sw3. All I did was type ...
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If PHP is enabled, can Egress LER distinguish if a packet has arrived via MPLS-LSP or not?

Consider the topology below. ---> traffic flow direction ---> ---> PE-1-----P1-----P2-----PE-2 ---> Here PE-1 is the ingress LER and PE-2 is the egress LER. P1 and P2 are LSRs. Now say ...