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For questions on Path MTU discovery.

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TCP MSS - Dynamic Adjustment

I've seen most of TCP flows having DF bit set. So any additional overheads like VXLAN can cause can cause TCP packet to be dropped(since df bit set) ? How the TCP MSS will be adjusted dynamically (in ...
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How exactly does Path-MTU Blackhole Detection work?

I'm currently trying to understand how the Path-MTU Blackhole Detection really works. From what I understand: You send rather big packets, starting at like 1460 Bytes (TCP example) and wait for ...
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OSI model transition between layers (data chunking across layers)

There is something I don't understand regarding the OSI model. From what I learned, sometimes information will need to broken down into smaller pieces of information. My question is - let's say that ...
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MTU the most Confusing Networking term. Lot of questions

I have ton of questions and i feel this is most confusing term for me. The more i read the confusion deepens. I am not able to connect dots. please help. Do we need MTU adjustment with EoMPLS/dot1q ...
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Can the MTU size change on a local network if non of my software attempt to do that?

From the ip manual page (man 7 ip), we read that the MTU may change over time. When PMTU discovery is enabled, the kernel automatically keeps track of the path MTU per destination host. When it is ...
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