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For questions about policy maps in relation to Quality of Service. For instance, to create class maps, you need to create a policy map.

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Do classes in service policies have their own queues by default? [closed]

I'm configuring a C1111-4p (Cisco IOS XE 17.12.02) router for home use. I want to prevent some torrent clients from disrupting the internet for other clients (calls, web browsing, etc). I've setup ...
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Cisco ASA 5525x can't limit speed?

There was a need to limit the speed for users on Cisco ASA 5525x but for some reason these commands are simply not available for me: Example: HQFW(config)# access-list POLICE_TRAFFIC_TO_BRANCH permit ...
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Bandwidth limit Cisco 3400 ME problem

I want to limit bandwidth (speed) of interface of Cisco 3400 ME switch. I did these: policy-map parent class class-default shape average 64000 And in gi0/2 interface I apply it: service-policy ...
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DSCP re-marking on Cisco Switch

I've followed the commands in this post: DSCP trust boundary policy-map MARKDOWN class class-default set dscp ef Interface Config: interface gig 0/1 service-policy input MARKDOWN The ...
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Match cos is not supported for this interface in the output direction

I Have ROUTER CISCO ASR 903 ( IOS XE V3.18 ) ip access-list extended ip-google-traffic permit ip any permit ip any permit ip any permit ...
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Can NOT match ACL in an output policy-map

this it my config , access-list 2000 permit ip any access-list 2000 permit ip any access-list 2000 permit ip any access-list 2000 permit ...
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Implementing Cisco QoS model to end users

I have implemented the 4-Class QoS Model as described in this earlier post from 2013. This Core configuration is implemented on a Cisco VSS 6509-E setup running software version: Cisco IOS Software, ...
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