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Questions tagged [pseudowire]

For questions about pseudowire, where it is an emulation of a point-to-point connection over a packet-switching network (PSN).

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Using ACR (adaptive clock recovery) across pseudowire

I am using back to back Cisco 2941s (mwr2941-adviprank9-mz.151-3.MRA3) in the lab to attempt to establish a pseudowire circuit for T1 delivery. I am trying to establish timing by using adaptive clock ...
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Many ways of configuring MPLS pseudowires, and choosing only one

I am discovering MPLS configuration on Cisco ASR920, and for almost any "thing" that can be configured, there is often two or more ways to do it. For example, given this configuration: ...
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VPLS split-horizon behaviour

I am trying a LDP based VPLS topology And I am just figuring out how split-horizon works in this scenario. So my uPE has a primary xconnect to PE1 and backup to PE2 (only one at a time is active, ...
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why network clock is required in the router?

what is the usage of network clock in the router? Is it something to do only with pseudowire T1/E1? What I am looking is the need of network clock - syncE in the router? What is the significance? Why ...
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LDP VPLS - Packet behavior within bridge-groups and bridge-domains

I have a pair of ASR9k's that I plan on migrating to Juniper MX960's. Below is a piece of the configuration: l2vpn bridge group VPLS_1 bridge-domain 101 interface TenGigE0/2/0/0.101 ! ...
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