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For questions about layout of a rack. For instance, you want to know the industry standards or are wondering how you could design your racks correctly.

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How do you run cables into a server cabinet (not rack)? [closed]

First, I am not a network engineer and have no experience in server rack/cabinet set up. I am trying to set up a server cabinet for an observatory. When the observatory is being used, the roof is open,...
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3 answers

Cables on a closed rack

I've just spent the last few days building my first server rack. It will be a significant upgrade to our current mess. I was asked to buy and install one and so I did. I was not completely aware of ...
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1 answer

Cable management for a small LAN with a 24 port patch panel

I have a 24-port gigabit switch, a couple of 1U horizontal cable management bars and a 24-port patch panel in a rack. I've made a clip-art version of my present setup below: The gray thing in the ...
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Hard drive array usage [closed]

I recently bought this EMC server rack, it's got a bunch of hard drive arrays which came with it. How do I use these? Seems a shame to throw them away. Are these just a sort of NAS that I could ...
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Rack Hardware Mounting Issue

I have recently been hired on as an IT specialist at a company, and have been given the task of upgrading several old switches with brand new beautiful devices. The only issue is the existing rack's ...
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6 answers

Ethernet termination density per rack and space planning

I am in the process of designing the network for a new office space. To give a little bit of background... There will only be one network closet to start with potential for an IDF in the future. This ...
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Small datacenter fiber management [closed]

I'm in the process of building out a small datacenter ( about 10 racks ) and it feels like the fiber connections for storage and 10G ethernet are really piling up. Does anyone have any products they'...