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Update IP Whois Objects using API

So I've searched around and other sources, haven't been able to find an example of how I can do this, as I am not an ASN operator etc. I've essentially got my Account added to some ...
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BGP: What are the considerations for announcing a RIPE block in ARIN-controlled territory?

We have an ASN and are considering leasing a addresses under RIPE's jurisdiction (because they cost less). However, we are in North America and would announce those addresses via BGP to our providers ...
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IP subnet with extra information outside of BGP and RIPE database

I'm trying to look into the sources of some whois services that can provide more information than BGP and RIPE databases. Example: If I lookup the IP in I ...
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Change AS Number or add new AS number

We want to change the AS number in our RIPE portal and I want to know we should change the AS number in our Cisco router or we can add new AS number with previous configuration? My current config: ...
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2 answers

European network operators mailing list?

Can anyone indicate whether RIPE carries a mailing list similar to NANOG's? Cheers, Etienne
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If I’m an ISP, would I be assigning customer addresses from PI or PA space?

I’m trying to better my understanding of PI and PA addresses, and I want to know if ISPs generally assign PI or PA addresses to their customers, or if this distinction even matters at this scope. ...
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"SWIP" Equivalent for RIPE?

With ARIN, I was familiar with using "SWIP" for IP blocks via an ORG and a POC. With RIPE, however, it seems that it's different. I have access to a RIPE account where I can make the changes,...
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