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Change AS Number or add new AS number

We want to change the AS number in our RIPE portal and I want to know we should change the AS number in our Cisco router or we can add new AS number with previous configuration? My current config: ...
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2 answers

European network operators mailing list?

Can anyone indicate whether RIPE carries a mailing list similar to NANOG's? Cheers, Etienne
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If I’m an ISP, would I be assigning customer addresses from PI or PA space?

I’m trying to better my understanding of PI and PA addresses, and I want to know if ISPs generally assign PI or PA addresses to their customers, or if this distinction even matters at this scope. ...
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"SWIP" Equivalent for RIPE?

With ARIN, I was familiar with using "SWIP" for IP blocks via an ORG and a POC. With RIPE, however, it seems that it's different. I have access to a RIPE account where I can make the changes,...
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