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Questions tagged [route-map]

For questions about Cisco route maps, where route maps are mostly used when distributing routes into RIP, EIGRP or OSPF routing processes etc. For instance, you are troubleshooting a case, where your traffic is not being routed correctly in your topology.

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2 answers

How to apply a Route-Map to a NAT connection

I am following a tutorial about route-maps on youtube. There is this topology. The default route on R1 points to In the video he just shows how ...
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1 answer

Understanding BGP communities

Lets take this basic topology: RTR A ---- RTR B Routers A and B have an eBGP connection. At router B we can have a route map saying: match: community-list xyz action: permit/deny etc Questions: How ...
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Arista adding multiple route-map match interfaces?

on Cisco, I could do the following, route-map abc permit 10 match interface Vlan1 Vlan2 Vlan3 set metric-type type-1 But seems on Arista EOS I could only add one match interface, how could I add ...
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Traffic redirection and failover of ASA with multiple ISPs [closed]

I have two ISP connections on two Cisco 3900 routers, in front of Cisco asa 5525 x with firepower services firewall. I want to configure the firewall to redirect traffic based on the source address ...
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Is there a way to check which routes are matched by a term in a routing map?

I have created a prefix-list and I am using it in a route-map. However, my route-map is not working as I expect it to work. ip prefix-list LIST_A seq 5 permit ge 32 route-map A-B-OUT ...
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Cisco Nexus 9K route-map match interface regular expressions

I'm using a 9504 running 7.0(3)I7(3). I'm trying to configure a route-map that matches all of my VLAN interfaces: route-map RedistribInterfaces permit 10 myrouter(config-route-map)# match interface ...
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1 answer

Why does my route-map blackhole some equally specific routes? [closed]

I have a challenging situation. I have two routers, in VIRL, sharing routes via BGP and OSPF I am attempting to remove the "network area 0" from my OSPF process. I have tried ...
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1 answer

Where a route-map 'set' command writes a tag value?

Where a cisco-router writes a tag value when I use a 'set tag' command in a route-map? For example: route-map TO_XXX permit 10 match ip address TO_XXX set tag 99 Is it saved in IP-packet? In which ...
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2 answers

How does a route-map applied as outbound on a neighbor sees the redistributed ospf routes into bgp? Local or external?

Here's my scenario: Redistribute ospf routes into bgp Create a route-map that matches on route-type=local and modifies the nexthop (to for example) Assign this route-map as outbound routemap (...
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3 answers

Regarding route-map and ACL combination

Consider the following: Scenario 1 (route-map PERMIT and ACL permit): router(config)#route-map boston permit 1 router(config-route-map)#match ip address 5 router(config-route-map)#set community 120 ...
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