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For questions about or involving the Routing Registry, where an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is a database of Internet route objects for determining, and sharing route and related information used for configuring routers, with a view to avoiding problematic issues between Internet service providers.

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Is it appropriate to publish a geofeed for an IP address I don't directly own?

As a quick background, a geofeed is a CSV file published by network operators containing location data for individual IP addresses and/or prefixes. It's in the format Prefix,Country Code,ISO 3166-2 ...
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BGP: What are the considerations for announcing a RIPE block in ARIN-controlled territory?

We have an ASN and are considering leasing a addresses under RIPE's jurisdiction (because they cost less). However, we are in North America and would announce those addresses via BGP to our providers ...
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What is difference between Route object and AS-SET object in RIRs?

In what case,we need to create AS-SET objects in RIRs. If i have to advertise a prefix from different ASNs in different region,do I need to create as-set object?
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What is a non-portable IPv4 address block?

For example, a Whois query for says: ADDRESSES WITHIN THIS BLOCK ARE NON-PORTABLE Does the owner simply declare the block or a subnet are not up for sale? Or does non-portable have a ...
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/23 PI space - breakup

a client currently has a /23 PI space where the route-object is currently managed by ISP-A we want to split the PI space into two /24's but not certain on how best to go about this. ISP-A will use ...
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