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Questions tagged [san]

For questions about Storage Area Network (SAN), where it should only bed used in relation to networking. For instance, you want to setup a new fiber channel network for your SAN.

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HOW to FC SAN cord compatibility? Cisco FC switch (DS-X9448-768K9) and HP Proliant servers (360 g6, g7, 380 g8), with HP SN1100E 16Gbps HBA

I have obtained a couple of Cisco Fibre Channel switches (DS-X9448-768K9) in the 9700 MDS, which this being my first foray into constructing a SAN with a ZFS FreeBSD server, which I have ebay 'good ...
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Can we use cisco MDS 9700 without Fabric Module

We have Cisco MDS 9710 and we want turn it on with 1 I/O module. Is it mandatory to install Fabric Module for it? My question is , Does MDS 9700 works without Fabric Module or no? Thanks,
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Unable to delete zones in the effective configuration

I was given the task of zoning and mistakenly I created new cfg and did zoning of a host. Now I am trying to delete zoning using below steps: Zonedelete Cfgsave cfgenable Cfgremove Cfgsave cfgenable ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Which specs should I look for (or avoid) when searching for a iSCSI 10Gbit ethernet switch, independent of brand?

I've been tasked with selecting two new switches intended to be our new iSCSI SAN backbone. Currently, we are using two Dell N4064 improvised for the task since that's what we had when the need ...
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Which addresses are used in fcp header?

I have a little question . The src address and the dst adress are fcid ? Tnx
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Right Cisco switch for iSCSI SAN network

I'm trying to revive this old HP P4500 Lefthand SAN and recover some data from it. There was a pair of Cisco switches configured for the SAN traffic. Those are no longer there. All I have access to ...
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Why doesn't Ethernet protocol support switch fabric topology?

While learning about Fibre Channel and SAN, I found the following information on IBM Knowledge Center: A switched fabric is a fibre channel topology in which individual node ports are ...
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1 answer

iSCSI/FCoE/FC Throughput Formulas

Many references online mention you should use 10Gb links (HBA/CNA) when designing your SAN. However, is there a formula or calculation that can provide the amount of bandwidth that is really required ...
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2 answers

FibreChannel topology

I trying to understand SAN topology. If we have fabric and fabric mode with auto data rate is set == means we will get F_ports, right? And if we need use 8G link from SAN storage and no fibre mode ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Question regarding MTU settings on a Cisco 3750X Switch

I have a Cisco 3750X switch stack (2 switches stacked) and have a Compellent and three Equalogics as well as three VMware hosts directly connected but separated via different vLANs on this switch. The ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What is the difference between Host Bus Adapters, Converged Network Adapters and Network Interface Card?

I am learning about SAN. I know about LAN and NIC. I wanted to what is the difference as per the above subject of the question? HBA/CNA supports Fibre Optic Cables (SMF/MMF). Please provide some ...
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1 vote
1 answer

FCOE between virtual chassis Juniper EX and Cisco Nexus

Is it possible to connect an server with FCOE adapter on a virtual chassis juniper ex4550 in order to access a fc disk array connected to a Cisco Nexus 5548UP? The juniper and the nexus are ...
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Switch: packets lost with certain? traffic

I'm giving you a high-level overview of my problem, no tech details. I'd like to know how to solve this problem. Problem Effect #1 We got a Netapp replacing another NAS. The Netapp is connected to ...
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Advantage of SAN over a NAS storage that is mounted to a device? [closed]

One of the reasons that we use SAN is to make it appear to the server as if it were local. What is the advantage of a SAN over a NAS storage that is mounted to a device?
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25 votes
4 answers

Can I use a Catalyst 2960-S for iSCSI?

I need to set up a modest iSCSI SAN with a few ESX hosts and one storage array. Can I get by using a Catalyst 2960-S or do I need to upgrade? Are there any special tweaks I need to make to the switch ...
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