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For questions about Serialization, where it is the process of converting the state information of an object instance into a binary or textual form to persist into storage medium or transported over a network. Use this tag when you have questions about serialization in regards to network latency and speeds.

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How do I properly serialize a network packet [closed]

So I'm currently writing a program that is essentially just a server and a client. The idea is that I want them to be able to communicate with one and other by sending packets back and forth. And I'm ...
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Redundant routers (HSRP, GLBP, ... ) with single T1 circuit

I have two sites connected by a T1 circuit. Currenlty I have only a single router on both ends, but I would like to add redundantcy, HSRP, GLBP, or simular in case a router fails (see picture). Is ...
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Serialization and serialization times in 40G/10G and 100G/25G Ethernet

I've recently been involved in discussions about lowest-latency requirements for a Leaf/Spine (or CLOS) network to host an OpenStack platform. System architects are striving for the lowest possible ...
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