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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used for managing devices on IP networks. It is most often used to query statistics for network equipment.

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SNMP ENGINE process has high CPU usage on a few 6500 chassis

Four of our 6500 chassis have a constant high CPU usage from the SNMP ENGINE process. Three of the chassis run around 20-30% constantly and the fourth is running around 50% constantly. We have about ...
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Should I locate SNMP poller near DB or monitored devices?

With SNMP pollers, is it better to locate them closer to the DB to ensure the poller to DB traffic has a better chance of making it. Or put the poller closer to monitored device, so that traffic is ...
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6 votes
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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports from Solarwinds?

I'm working with a Solar Winds NPM/NTA/IPAM golden-trio. I'd like to customize our reports to the point where I can received daily, weekly or monthly emails for various things - 95th percentile errors,...
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How do I read optical transmit power via SNMP on Cisco ASR9k?

I am looking to read optical transmit and recieve power of XFPs in our ASR9k. The MIB used should be "CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB" which is and occording the ASR9000 documentation, this ...
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Weather map and monitoring for network usage [closed]

What tools are able to provide an almost real time weather map of usage and average traffic per timeframe going over the different links? What are some ways or solutions to actively monitor my ...
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I want to perform monitoring of my network infrastructure, can this safely be done with SNMPv2?

I need to perform monitoring of my network infrastructure but I'm wondering if using SNMPv2 is secure? What are the weaknesses of SNMPv2?

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