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Questions tagged [stackwise]

For questions about Cisco Stackwise, where it is a technology that unites Cisco switches into a single logical unit, using special stack interconnect cables and stacking software. The stack behaves as a single switching unit that is managed by a master switch elected from one of the member switches. The master switch automatically creates and updates all the switching and optional routing tables.

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1 answer

Best practice for SWV and DAD Cisco 9400

I have 2 Cisco 9404R chassis. In each chassis I have: 1 x 48p 10 Gig ethernet -> slot 1 1 x 9400X-sup-2 -> slot 2 & 3. I know that I should configure Stackwise Virtual between only 1 SUP ...
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Cisco 9300 Stacking Issue -- Link OK Yes, Link Active No

hopefully another pair of eyes can help me out with this. We have 4 Cisco 9300-24Ts data-stacked with all cables detected by the switches themselves. Switch order and priority looks good, however we ...
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Cisco 2960x: Adding a new cable to complete the "ring" with switches powered on - is it safe?

Let's say I've got a 2960x stack like the one shown below - as you can see one cable is missing as it was too short, so I ordered a longer one and am awaiting delivery. One thing I wonder about though ...
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2 answers

Switch Stacking and Redundancy

If switches are stacked together using StackWise, what happens if one of the switches goes down? Is switch stacking bad for redundancy?
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9 votes
3 answers

How many stack cables would be needed if we want to stack two 3850 switches

How many stack cables would be needed if we want to stack two 3850 switches : We have one 3850 switch and planning to add one more. So my guess is only one Power & One data stack cable would be ...
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0 answers

Renumbering Cisco 3750X Stack

I am thinking about renumbering my Cisco 3750X stack. Currently as it sits, the stack from top to bottom is Switch 5 Switch 1 Switch 2 Switch 3 Switch 4 I am wanting the stack to be renumbered to ...
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Scheduled reload Cisco 3750X Slot

I received a new Stackwise cable to make my switch stack of 5 Cisco 3750x's now fully redundant. Upon connecting the new Stackwise cable, I found that the switch did not recognize the new cable. I ...
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