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Help with using multiple ips from one port of router and accessing a website from those

In our institution ISP provided us with a modem with only 1 working port. But 5 ips can be accessed using that port by directly plugging in network cable to a pc. Our organization's website only ...
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Forward traffic from one WAN port to the other WAN port on the same triple WAN port router

So here's the situation that I have at my workplace (local municipality): I have received from my ISP a static IP address with a provided gateway, which all works normally when I input it into my ...
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Static route weird behaviour

Hi, I am working with 4 routers: A B, P and C A and B have a P router between them that has an ospf neighborship with both. B is directly connected to router C. There's no routing protocol between B ...
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Cisco catalyst 6500 not assigning static dhcp assignments to a couple of devices

in the following question cisco catalyst 6500 not honoring static ip assignments I had been able to get 16 out of the 20 devices im working with to honor the static ip settings. 4 devices are for ...
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How do you assign sequential IP addresses to individual ports on a switch? [duplicate]

I am looking for a non-complicated way to set up a network of 50 interchangeable devices such that whenever I plug a device into a specific port on a switch, I will always get the same IP address ...
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Can anyone confirm I have the right understanding of static routing?

Sorry this question is really simple, but im taking my CCNA and its really unclear to me in parts. THis is how I absorbed it: Your connecting cable has an ip address for itself, and extensions of ...
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Can somebody help me understand this static NAT example

I have the following example: From my understanding of static NAT the client makes a request on the inside global address of a resource, in this case the webserver. ( The request ...
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2 answers

Static routing Cisco packet tracert

Im new with Packet Tracer, Regarding the problem of static routing, I have a question and want to ask, I simulated static routing of three L3 switches on packet tracert, Now, PC1 and PC2 can be ...
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retain and no-retain static route on juniper

I'm learn JNCIS-SP chapter 1 Protocol-Independent Routing. I see a option "retain/no-retain" static route. I understand If a route configured with option retain so that route will not remove ...
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How do I make it take the floating route and not the main static route in this case?

In this topology I have configured the devices in this way: R1: Building configuration... Current configuration : 916 bytes ! version 15.1 no service timestamps log datetime msec no service ...
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2 answers

What Specifically Happens When You Add a Static IP to a Computer in a Subnet?

This question may be too naive to be Google-able, but I haven't found anything. I'm curious what happens when I go in to a Client device like my personal Laptop and add a Static IP (as opposed to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Trying To connect Router4 to internet

In the picture, I have a part of my topology. The concept is that I am trying to configure OSPF in my network. Internet is a nat cloud module. The routers are all iosv routers. ISP 1 has the following ...
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1 answer

Static route removes another static route

In the following diagram each Vyos router has RIP configure and R1 has NAT to allow hosts from and accessing the internet. The goal is to put the PCs comunicating with each ...
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What are the commands to configure static routes using next-hop IP addresses?

Given the network topology above and that X in all subnets should be replaced with 1. What are the commands to configure static routes using the next-hop IP addresses on r1 and r2, given that you are ...
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Ping ICMP is always sent to the same PC via switch from router

I am quite new to this world and I'm currently to understand why an ICMP ping is always sent to the same PC. In this case, I am sending a ping from PC_F to Server PT. ping In the ...
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2 answers

I have set static routes on both routers, Why can't I ping between the loopback interfaces?

This is my test topology: R6---R7 the interface IP address I have configured on it, you can check in the snapshot. and in both routers I have configured the static route, in R6 out ...
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Testing Secondary Static Route

I am in the middle of migrating to a new IP scheme. From 192.168.10.x/23 to 10.6.x.x/19. Our ISP handles layer 3 and we statically route from our L2/L3 Cisco 3750G switch stack to their L3 device. ...
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