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For questions about statistics on on topic network devices. For instance, you are looking at interface statistics on your router and are wondering why you have interface errors.

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Wireshark -Protocol Hierarchy Omitting large amount of subprotocol traffic

Based on responses, I've repositioned this question to ask why the subprotocols under my TCP header are not accounting for the sum of packet transfer. (I.E TCP= 97.1%, remainder of packet content not ...
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IfInDiscards and IfOutDiscards counters

Could someone tell me what do ifinDiscards (. and ifOutDiscards (. exactly mean? Thanks.
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Does the dot3StatsInternalMacReceiveErrors counter include Vlan mismatches

I am wondering if the dot3StatsInternalMacReceiveErrors counter includes VLAN mismatches, i.e. Discards due to VLAN mismatch. only explicitly lists ...
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Static route monitor

Good morning, I am walking into a global network and am being tasked with implementing a dynamic routing solution. There are quite a few static routes on our Core switches. Ripping out static routes ...
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Traffic Statistics per VLAN

I'm using Huawei s6720 and I would like to monitor traffic per vlan, example: # Interface GigabitEthernet0/0/6 port link-type trunk port trunk allow-pass vlan 200 300 400 500 # I can verify ...
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what are input errors on the CISCO switch?

In my topology, I have connected spirent - traffic generator to MRV switch ( L1 switch) and then connected to CISCO switch. I am seeing some input errors on this interface. What does it mean? Does it ...
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