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Questions relating to IP subnetting, including planning, calculation and best practices.

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Subnetting a IPv4 /24 into 7 equally large subnets

I wrote a test a few days ago and wasn't able to solve one task in there: Create 7 Subnets in the Net The subnets should be equally large. The address range must be completely ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Some question about the relationship between VLAN , DHCP and subnet

I am new here and very interested in computer networks. From a book, I have some questions, for which I need help. question1: Can there be only one working DHCP server in one VLAN? question2: Can ...
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3 answers

When is /31 recommended over /30 in P2P links? [duplicate]

For your average enterprise network, what are the pros and cons for using a /31 mask on point-to-point links with private addressing over the generally accepted practice of using /30? There's really ...
18 votes
4 answers

Bad Mask for IP Address Error

I'm not too clear on subnetting rules and experienced an error when I tried to assign to an interface on my Cisco router. Can someone please explain why it was not allowing me to ...
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3 answers

Is a router always necessary to link two subnets?

I am thinking especially of VLANs, which represent separate subnets that may need only one switch.
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/31 Point-to-point bitmasks

When is it appropriate to use a /31 network in production, and is using them considered good practice? On a point-to-point link, broadcasts shouldn't be required, so is there any compelling case for ...
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Difference between Subnet and VLAN?

You often hear the terms Subnet and VLAN used interchangeably. With the ubiquitous nature of IP these days, when are the two not considered roughly the same from a high-level, understanding that ...

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