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Questions tagged [traffic-engineering]

For questions about Internet traffic engineering, where it is defined as that aspect of Internet network engineering dealing with the issue of performance evaluation and performance optimization of operational IP networks. Traffic engineering encompasses the application of technology and scientific principles to the measurement, characterization, modeling, and control of Internet traffic [RFC-2702, AWD2].

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3 answers

Dropping malicious packets as close to the source as possible

Rewording this unanswered question: If some malicious IP address starts flooding the internet with packets destined for my IP address, do any standard mechanisms exist to drop these packets within the ...
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BGP outbound traffic engineering in multi-homed network with 2 ISP's

I have network with switches at access layer and 3 host networks, 2 core routers , 2 border routers , that have iBGP connection with each other and ospf with other 2 core routers, also each of them ...
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BGP Traffic Engineering - Active\Passive

At my organization we historically would get T1 ISPs at our POPs and take full table + default. BGP would simply "do it's thing" and for the most part everything worked out. There are ...
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BGP - Active\Passive Setup, except one AS

I have two transit providers, A and B. The business has chosen to make provider A more attractive due to billing concerns (we get attractive bulk pricing from this global provider). This was done by ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Advertising your prefix out of another ASN

We own a few blocks of IP addresses. At several distinct sites we currently advertise our own prefixes on our routers to our upstream transit provider. We are not anycasting. One /24 is originated ...
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What are metrics to measure the load in Cisco Routers

I have a setup of Cisco CSR 1000v routers. I established a GRE tunnel between 2 routers, where the tunnel's source is the GigabitEthernet1 interface. I aim to measure the load on that GRE tunnel. The ...
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To what extent can ISPs control routing in a packet-switched network?

As an application developer my entire understanding of networks was a high level 'acceptance' of http request/response pairs along with some DNS addressing. Somewhere in the back of my mind I ...
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Struggling inbound and outbound traffic engineering to/from iBGP peers at different POPs

We are a managed service provider running a small sized network in a single datacentre in Sydney. We've recently deployed a new POP inter-state in Melbourne (both are on the east coast of Australia), ...
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