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TRILL is short for Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links. It is an IETF standard way to provide redundancy at Layer 2, while using Layer 3 routing techniques.

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Transporting TRILL over Juniper QFX5100

I've got 2 Brocade VDX switches setup using VCS and want to add another 2 switches to this group, but when connected to each other over a Juniper QFX5100, they won't see each other. The Brocade ...
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Is there a way to test TRILL in a virtual lab?

I don't have access to devices to run TRILL for testing and learning purposes, so is there a way to set-up a virtualized lab to try it ? What would be the virtualisation system, the vendor, the ...
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Questions about datacenter switching and TRILL

In a interconnection of two datacenters, Is TRILL a long-term solution ? Is the TRILL implementation of Cisco (FabricPath) interoperable with other manufacturer ?
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