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For questions requiring troubleshooting assistance with persistent/unresolved problems.

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ProCurve CPU at 100% for several minutes after reboot

I have been doing firmware upgrades in HP switches. Two different models have been upgraded: ProCurve Switch 5406zl Intelligent Edge (J8697A): upgraded from K.15.06.0008 to K.15.12.0012 HP 2520-24G-...
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Troubleshooting "TCP Zero Window" Issues

I'm currently having a problem troubleshooting a trading application. Let me give a simple diagram of the current network setup (Gov't Stock Exchange Network Router)X-->(256kbs Leased Line)<--X(...
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2 answers

Cisco 6509 Supervisor Card Slot Boot Failure

We recently had a sporadic reboot of a distribution switch for an unknown reason. No recent hardware/software changes have been made. Our log files don't indicate anything leading up to the incident. ...
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TAC Response on the error( %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation)

I hope you can offer me some assistance with my case, we have a Cisco router 2800 series ,having the error ( %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation), (and if restarted the router it works OK for while. ...
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7 votes
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Configuring a Cisco ASA 5505 for routing

I'll start by pointig out that networking issues have always left me scratching my head. There is something about routing especially that I just haven't had that "Oh I get it" moment yet, so it's ...
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Run out of ideas to troubleshout Ping issue Cisco IOS 3560 Switch

Summary Yesterday, four of the eight systems (connected to same VLAN, identical ethernet adapter settings) were able to ping Today, another system is not able to ping the internet ...
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