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2 answers

RDP Dropping When TTL Changes From 127 to 63

Currently when connecting to our work server through VPN and RDP the RDP connection drops every once in a while and then comes back. I started a continuous ping to the server and noticed that it drops ...
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Do destination hosts decrement the TTL?

I was trying to understand more about traceroute when I stumbled upon this site and I have a question about this diagram: As you can see in the diagram, the destination host S1 receives a packet ...
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What TTL value should i use to make sure the packet never leaves the broadcast domain

If i put the TTL as 0, will it never leave my broadcast domain? If I wanna send something to someone in my broadcast domain, can the ttl be 0 or will it still be dropped? Or should it be 1?
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The TTL and packet drop [duplicate]

I would just like to verify one thing. When a router receives a packet with a TTL of 1, the router can still process and accept it if its destined for itself, correct? Because for example, eBGP ...
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Accurate TTL calculation

I previously thought that TTL is a counter of hopes to device. Today I learned that this is not so, but is connected with the processing time of packets. Those maximum TTL = 255, equals the maximum ...
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ipsrc multicast group

I'm looking at some traces where a TTL exceeded in transit ICMP message with ipsrc as mcast is captured. The ICMP message is referencing the original ip header with a correct structure [ipsrc ucast, ...
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2 answers

IP packet expired by TTL generate an ICMP response in any case?

Acording to Wikipedia IPv4 article for TTL header field: An eight-bit time to live field limits a datagram's lifetime to prevent network failure in the event of a routing loop. It is specified in ...
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3 answers

How traceroute add TTL field to UDP header?

If the UDP packet's header is a fixed 8 bytes size, how it does not contain a field for TTL, How traceroute put that field ?
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1 answer

How are TCP segments discarded after Maximum Segment Lifetime expires?

From RFC 793: To be sure that a TCP does not create a segment that carries a sequence number which may be duplicated by an old segment remaining in the network, the TCP must keep quiet for a maximum ...
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How to ensure packet was created within certain time?

I am creating a custom protocol over UDP and I want to use a low number of bits for the sequence number. This means that the number can wrap relatively fast. Is setting the TTL for the outgoing ...
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Confusion about TTL when pinging

TTL value of a packet is supposed to decrease 1 at each router from 255 down to zero as follows: But when I ping to the TTL starts at 253 and doesn't change: How can this be explained? Why ...
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2 answers

Is TCP's MSL value equivalent to IP's TTL value?

Definition of MSL according to RFC 793: Maximum Segment Lifetime, the time a TCP segment can exist in the internetwork system. Arbitrarily defined to be 2 minutes. Definition of TTL according to ...
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In Bgp TTL security all control packets will have configured hop value?

Topology: loop( - routerA ( ( routerB - loop( I have eBGP peering configured with a Multihop of 2 on both sides and static routes to reach loopbacks. ...
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